Have you been underpaid by a past employer?

Personalised Letters of Demand

Get payback through efficient retrieval of stolen and unpaid wages or superannuation, with fees as little as 5%.

Hand Delivered Letter

All letters and hand delievered, ensuring your boss cannot deny having recieved it.

We've never failed!

Our past letters of demand have had a 100% success rate, seriously.

How it Works

  1. We take the information you provided for a quote and calculate how much money you are owed. 🤑

  2. We send you an approximate dollar value of how much you are owed.

  3. If you like what you hear, we then draft up a letter of demand which contains your banking details, and then send you a copy so you can check over it.

  4. If you like the letter, then I will dress up in a nice suit and directly hand your boss the letter in a legally threatening way.

  5. Ideally your past employer then sends the owed money to your bank account, and you then send us the small quoted fee for our services (~5%). If they do not send the money then we will explore further legal options you may pursue with us free of charge.

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We'll try get back to you within 12 hours.

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Generally we charge very small fees for our services, so you should get a quote as soon as possible to get your pay back.

Please provide below:

  • Approximately how much per/hr you were underpaid, or 9.5% of pay for unpaid superannuation.
  • Where you worked (our services are currently only available in Melbourne).
  • How long you worked for. Please give an approximate number of hours per week, and number of weeks worked. We will figure out the details later.

We aim to reply within 12 hours.
Not sure? Just ask above!



Retrieving unpaid wages started as just a way to help out friends who were being underpaid, but has now flourished into a vengeful hobby.

Nick is at Monash University studying Physics & Mathematics.
He knows how hard it can be to work & study at the same time, only made worse when you're being underpaid 😠

Check how much you're owed!

Use the Fair Work Ombudsman Pay Calculator to find out how much you should've been paid.

Even being underpaid by as little as $2/hr can accumulate to over $4000 in a year of full-time work (40 x 52 x 2 = 4160)!
Not sure how much you're owed? Ask us!